Launch a Search 

Maybe you want to solve a complex R&D Challenge, or to find an external ESC partner. In either case, we are the company for you.

Why Launch a Search?

Launching a search with us is easy. The first step is to schedule a 30-minute Scope Call. If you require a confidentiality agreement beforehand, please send to John Schulten, our CEO at

During the Scope Call, we will have several of our experts present, to discuss the scope of your potential search with you. It is not required to send us a scope in writing, although that will facilitate the meeting.

Following the Scope Call, we will send you a proposal that includes the proposed budget, milestones, and deliverables.


We help our clients solve complex R&D challenges and select the optimal Supply Chain partners. We do so by harnessing the world’s best technologies and suppliers.

Working with TechScout offers you several advantages:

TechScout manages the above through our problem-solving approaches, our extended network and information sources. We have a single-minded dedication to technology scouting that provides the experience and expertise to deliver value in a short time.