Find Solutions

What TechScout can do for NGO Groups.

NGOs are often among the most innovative players in the world today, as they create solutions for our planet’s most pressing modern challenges, in areas such as: malnutrition, sustainability, the environment, water scarcity, hygiene… to name but a few…

TechScout can help NGOs by solving their complex scientific problems with the most innovative technologies that the world has to offer. Our ability to think creatively about scientific solutions, apply problem-solving techniques, and identify the best technologies to create that solution, allows NGOs to achieve their goals more quickly and cheaply.

To do so, we leverage our deep experience helping the R&D departments of the world’s largest and most innovative multinational corporations – who are themselves also busy developing and implementing solutions in response to our planet’s pressing issues.

Finally, our relationships with multinationals and the global innovator community allow us to open doors and create opportunities. Solving complex planetary challenges often requires the right relationships, partnerships and aligned interests. TechScout’s positioning at the center of the innovation market between technology supply and demand allows us to connect NGOs with the right innovation partners – and get things rolling in the right direction quickly.