You will no longer have to choose between seafood lover or vegetarian with seafood alternatives.

Exciting seafood alternatives are here. It has become increasingly common for vegetarians (or curious foodies) to eat meat analogues that not only provide proteins but also taste and look like actual meat. It is now possible to eat seafood analogues as well thanks to the recently founded start-up Aqua Cultured foods!

Seafood alternatives.

These seafood alternatives is simply based on mushrooms grown via a fermentation process using organic matter as a starting material. Surprising? Well, what is even more surprising is the fact that the resulting products have a comparable taste and texture to the traditional seafood. They also possess a higher nutritional profile. Rich in the expected nutrients such as proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition they also contain fibers and are free from cholesterol, saturated fat and toxins present in seawaters. (e.g., heavy metals, microplastics). Another major advantage worth mentioning is the sustainability of these food products that are significantly more resource- and energy-efficient than animal meat. 

In all honesty, I am not a vegetarian… However, I am definitely a curious foodie and a convinced ecologist who believes that our oceans are overexploited and can only benefit from our efforts to seek out such alternatives.

Taste, texture, appearance, nutritional profile, sustainability: many boxes checked! Still not convinced? I suggest you scroll down through the company’s website and challenge you to not mouth-water. 

Written by Anne Kokel.

Anne is a Technology Scout at TechScout

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