Do you have a technology that you’re ready to monetize and make accessible to the market?

Innovators: Commercialize Your Technologies

Our keen eye for interesting and relevant technologies has made TechScout a repository for some of the world’s hottest technologies in chemistry and biology. For this reason, we are a valuable commercialization partner for Innovators – our term for companies, universities and research institutes that make their technologies available to the market.

Our relationships with the companies in our client portfolio has given us an ideal position to connect technology supply with technology demand. For technologies that have a success-fee arrangement with us, we can find a “home” in our client portfolio. We are compensated only if TechScout generates revenues for the Innovator – otherwise we receive no compensation.

Collaboration Types:

Agreements between our buy-side clients and suppliers of products (ie, ingredients, materials…). 

Agreements by our buy-side clients to purchase either a majority or minority stake in a company.

Agreements between our buy-side clients and patented technology owners for licensing use of that technology.

Joint development partnerships between our buy-side clients and multiple parties (universities, research institutes, companies) to work on common technology themes.

Access to high value client portfolio
Commercialize Tech
Success-fee business model: compensation only if revenues are generated
Commercialize Tech
Detailed understanding of industry innovation goals
Commercialize Tech

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