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Colgate Palmolive & TechScout

Working with CP for over x years, TechScout have delivered excellent results in the following fields:

  • Technology Scouting
  • Technology Searches
  • External Supply Chain Partner Search
  • Technology Landscaping
  • Literature Reviews

Case Studies

Examples of CP engagements; technology search, literature reviews, technology landscaping and ESC searches, to illustrate our expertise, approach, and results.


Technology Areas: (MT list CP TECH AREAS)

We have had many successful collaborations with the TechScout team. ETC ETC….

Laurence Du-Thumm, Ph.D

Director of External Technology Innovation at colgate palmolive

Our deep scientific understanding and product development expertise will help you innovate faster and better. We help R&D Departments solve complex challenges through technology searches and scans, technology landscaping and literature reviews. We also work with ESC departments to find co-manufacturing partners with ESC searches.. 

We are an Open Innovation Consultancy. Technology Scouting is what we do. We have become a repository for the worlds hottest technologies in Chemistry and Biology. 

John Schulten