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The role of crowdfunding

24 Feb 2014 14:19 | Andrew Hazlehurst

With companies and banks increasingly unwilling to invest and provide loans, do you think that crowd funding will become the main source of capital for inventors and innovators? Is it a good thing that any and all ideas have a shot at being developed, or are there some that should remain on the drawing board?


Karen Brown

Date:   27 Feb 2014 13:51

Its a great way to quickly get a product to market. It also shows the demand. 

Camille Abney

Date:   25 Feb 2014 09:52

 Kickstarter (for example) is harder than it looks, especially for large scale financing, as you need to get your product out there multiple ways to be seen. The supporters are a big deal, knowing that there is someone that believes in your product is sometimes the only thing that keeps the ball rolling.