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Who will be the first to commercialize Graphene?

24 Feb 2014 14:12 | Andrew Hazlehurst

Whilst the UK has been at the forefront of graphene research, only 1% of the graphene based patents have been filed from the UK. The majority are held by China and South Korea. Which country do you think will be the first to commercialize graphene and what factors do you think will have contributed to this?


Jindra Veskrna

Date:   02 Mar 2018 09:31

Well, only few years since and we have graphene in almost every new technical gadget. :) There are even whole companies set up to taylor different nanomaterials ( for ex. ). It is pretty amazing that the industry is growing so rapidly.

Vincent Clarke

Date:   11 Mar 2014 11:48

I also think South Korea- they have great links between government, universities and the private sector. 

Karen Brown

Date:   27 Feb 2014 13:45

I think it will be between South Korea or the United States.