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Teaching the skill of Innovation

24 Feb 2014 13:55 | Andrew Hazlehurst

Do you think that commercialization and innovation need to become a part of science lessons, from high school to higher education in the Western world, in order to be able to compete with countries in the Far East?


Vincent Clarke

Date:   26 Feb 2014 10:17

My opinion is that elementary school should focus on math, science, and engineering fundamentals and foundations; middle and high school should continue this at increasing levels of depth and sophistication while beginning to integrate applications in practice and economics concepts; higher education should integrate market and economic factors with technical skills. 

Camille Abney

Date:   25 Feb 2014 09:49

Children don't need to be taught to innovate, they do it naturally. All one has to do to notice this is to watch the imagination, creativity, innovation that is exhibited at nursery age

However, in order to compete with countries like South Korea, the focus in the classroom needs to change from learning facts purely to pass tests to thinking about how science and technology could be used to better society.