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How intuitive do you think vehicles will be in 10 years time?

20 Nov 2013 10:35 | Andrew Hazlehurst

A new concept car would be operated with a shifting of weight, rather than with a steering wheel. The 'intuitive' vehicle would use voice and facial recognition sensors to provide drivers with information throughout the journey, with the aim of building trust and recognition "similar to those a rider will have with a horse". This is an imagination piece " rather than something that will be seen in production in the next few years," a said a spokesman for the company. "But some of the technologies we're suggesting could be introduced further down the line - say in five to 10 years' time." How intuitive do you think vehicles will be in 10 years time? Should the driver always maintain an element of control, or would the vehicle be safer behind the wheel?


Vincent Clarke

Date:   21 Nov 2013 11:56

I think that cars will be fitted with cameras as standard, which will help the vehicle 'see' potential dangers and warn the drivers to take action.
I think after being so used to sitting down, the leaning concept car probably would take some adjusting to.

Reply Date:   21 Nov 2013 13:59 |  Lars Olsson

It depends on how cheaply the technology can be put into cars. Planes can fly themselves but cost millions, so the technology exists, but will probably be out of most people's reach, even in 10 years time.  Again to use planes as an example, I think that a driver needs to be able to take control, as there has been a few sophisticated planes that have dropped out of the sky because one instrument has malfunctioned.

I agree, I don't see a car where you have to stand up to control it being that popular.