Why Choose Us?

1) Commercialize Your Technologies:  Our Boutique

Post technologies for free in our Boutique through the InnovatorCircle.  Your technology is featured in our online Boutique that is accessed by Scouts from all over the World.  The Boutique is a targeted, intelligent way to market your technologies to our community of Scouts. And there is no cost to post.

Scouts love our Boutique service because it offers a better scouting experience than at competing technology marketplaces, both in user friendliness and logic.  The design of the Boutique homepage has a simple intuitive look and feel that improves navigation.

We file our technologies according to the way our Scouts think…whereas other technology marketplaces make them adapt to their way of filing technologies! We realize that Scouts do their searches using different pathways: some think in terms of their Industry, some are interested in the technology criteria (Innovation), and some are trying to resolve an application problem.  For this reason, all of our technologies are filed by Industry Areas, Innovation Areas as well as Application Areas.  And Scouts prefer it that way…

Our Personalized Catalogs service creates a proactive way to address Scouts by their areas of interest.  These Catalogs are a valuable resource for our Scouts, improving their visibility of the technology landscape, as well as allowing them to quickly make technology partnerships in the marketplace.

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of our Scouts’ technology needs.  TechScout.com allows you to respond promptly to those needs.   Browse and respond to ChallengeQuests posted by our Scouts seeking specific technologies.  Click here to view ChallengeQuests

2) Connect:  Create Valuable Relationships

Browse and participate in our forums and group discussions.

The InnovatorCircle provides social networking entirely specialized and dedicated to innovation.  Connect and collaborate with like-minded Innovators.

3) Access Resources: Relevant & Useful Information Services

The best, most relevant and comprehensive collection of technology resources. The only bookmark you will ever need for your technology news and resources. Read and comment on our articles and TechNews, access resources such as videos and webinars.

4) Dynamic & Organic: Adapting to Your Needs

We have designed the InnovatorCircle platform to grow organically, as it adapts to the needs of our Innovator Community.  Community is at the very heart of what we have built, and as the InnovatorCircle evolves, we will listen very closely to this community as we build future services. 

The key question going forward will be: what can facilitate and accelerate innovation among our community members?

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