CQ_002: Scout is looking for Novel Sport Nutrition Innovations especially targeted for Women - 31/07/13 -

Need Description and Background:

Currently the sports area is a sizeable market with two segments: Protein/carbohydrate-based products and Hydration/ water-based products. The sports nutrition segment currently is very male-focused and the opportunities that have been identified are to increase the appeal to women and to take sports products to a more “healthy lifestyle” positioning.

Key Success Criteria:
Key characteristics of the successful technology:

- Be a new ingredient or formulation technology
- Be able either to deliver doses of vitamins and minerals through fruits & dairy or deliver doses of protein
- Ingredients that are low in fat and calories
- Proprietary position possible for the Scout
- Ideally a ready to use solution or at least in an advanced development status

Possible Areas to Investigate:
- Innovations based on natural colours, flavours and ingredients (non- GMO)
- Innovations that can be used before, during and after sport
- Innovations that are more natural and approachable, especially for women

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