CQ_003: Scout is looking for Technologies for Super-Breathable Clothing. - 14/10/13 -

Need Description and Background:

Ultra confortable textiles offer enhanced comfort when used in clothing. Breathability and moisture management are key performance properties desired for a wide range of active sport textiles.
The company is open to licensing as well as technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements.

Key Success Criteria:

Key characteristics of the successful textile technology:
- Offers super-lightweight, high breathability and comfort to the user (e.i. better and improved properties compared to existing solutions).
- High-performance against capacity to transport moisture produced by the body perspiration (e.i. dries quickly).
- Durable and abrasion resistant
- Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, apparel/clothing and technical textiles.
- Cost-efficient and proven technology

Possible Areas to Investigate:
- Surface treatment
- Nanofibres
- Innovative process technologies / fabric techniques
- Laminated membrane

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