Why Commercialize your Technology through TechScout.com?

1.     No Cost to Post  

Post your technologies for free in our Boutique through the InnovatorCircle.  Your technology is featured in our online Boutique that is accessed by Scouts from all over the World. The Boutique is a targeted, intelligent way to market your technologies to our community of Scouts. And there is no cost to post. 

2.     Technology Scouts love our Boutique

The TechScout.com Boutique is the perfect place to market your technology.  Scouts love it because it offers a better scouting experience than at competing technology marketplaces, both in user friendliness and logic.  The design of the Boutique homepage has a simple intuitive look and feel that improves navigation. We file our technologies according to the way our Scouts think…whereas other technology marketplaces make them adapt to their way of filing technologies! 

We realize that Scouts do their searches using different pathways: some think in terms of their Industry, some are interested in the technology criteria (Innovation), and some are trying to resolve an application problem.  For this reason, all of our technologies are filed by Industry Areas, Innovation Areas as well as Application Areas.  And Scouts prefer it that way…

3.     Get right to the heart of Technology Scouts’ ‘Needs’ 

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of our Scouts’ technology needs.  TechScout.com allows you to respond directly to those needs.   Browse and respond to ChallengeQuests posted by our Scouts seeking specific technologies.  




4.     Your technology is featured in our Personalized Catalogs 

Our Personalized Catalogs service is a proactive way to address Scouts by their areas of interest.  These Catalogs are a valuable resource for our Scouts, improving their visibility of the technology landscape, as well as allowing them to quickly make technology partnerships in the marketplace.


…Furthermore there is No Exclusivity and for a limited time only:

 - There are No Commissions

 - The Service is Completely Obligation FREE

Steps to Technology Commercialization

Follow our simple process to commercialize your technology.

1.     SUBMIT

Follow our step by step guide to submit your technologies for assessment. The more detail you can give us at this stage, the more chance your technology will be selected by our scouts.  

Remember our scouts search by industry area, innovation area and application area so think about derivative applications to release the true value of your scientific know-how.

2.     ACCEPT

Once your technology has been selected by one of our scouts it is up to you whether or not you accept their request for identity disclosure. If you are interested in exploring a possible collaboration then you will accept the scout’s invitation.

3.     CONTACT

At this stage both parties are interested in a possible partnership so a 30 day discussion period commences. During this time TechScout.com will facilitate connection calls (free of charge) if required and assist where possible to ensure a productive contact period.


If both the scout and you wish to proceed with discussions beyond the Discussion Period then this could be the start of an extremely lucrative relationship for you.

Have fun, collaborate and commercialize!