CQ_005: Scout is looking for Environmentally Friendly Wood Chemicals - - 20/7/2012

Need Description and Background:

Concerns about the safety and environmental impact of preservatives used to protect wood from biodegradation have increased in recent years. There is therefore considerable interest in the development of more environmentally friendly alternatives for wood preservation.

Key Success Criteria:

Key characteristics of the successful technology:

- Can guarantee a long-term protection against fungi and other organisms that attack the wood
- Contains non –toxic chemicals for the environment and safe to handle (contains no biocides or heavy metals)
- Ideally, offers flame retardant property
- Preferably, water based type preservatives
- Can be applied by various ways such as immersion methods or pressure treatment techniques
- Industrial scale-up demonstrated

Previously or attempted solutions (not interested):
- Traditional wood preservatives based on copper, boron, phospohorus, phenolic compounds, etc

Possible Areas to Investigate:
- Natural , plant-based preservatives
- Green cellulose chemistry

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