Innovators may submit one or more Technologies for inclusion in Technology Marketplace (“The Boutique”) free of charge without initially disclosing their identity.

We will remove a Technology from our Boutique at the request of its Innovator.

A “Scout” is a person working for a company or other entity to which will commercialize the Innovator’s Technology, in other words a decision-maker with budgetary discretion.

We enable Innovators to control commercialization of their Technologies. We will not disclose the identity of an Innovator to anyone (including a Scout that has expressed interest in the Innovator’s technology) without the Innovator’s permission.

If an Innovator is introduced to Scout by concerning a Technology, and there exists no Prior Contact between Innovator and Scout (or Scout’s Introduced Colleagues) for that Technology, Innovator may not enter into a revenue generating agreement with Scout’s company involving the Technology that Innovator discussed with Scout (or Scout’s Introduced Colleagues) during the 24 months following the Introduction, unless either Innovator’s company or Scout’s company has signed a commission agreement with with respect to such agreement.

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