Growing New Ideas: From Small Seeds to Mighty Trees - 05/21/13

Growing New Ideas: From Small Seeds to Mighty Trees

A very real potential pitfall for many innovators is not having a sufficient knowledge base or support network around how to grow and develop an idea. Innovators are often creative visionaries with great enthusiasm and imagination, but translating that passion in to a tangible proposition can be difficult. Perhaps you or someone you know has a great idea but, unfortunately, so often an idea results in nothing more than an ephemeral, transitory thing that ends up dying within the mind. Perhaps an idea is dismissed by one business but would be exactly suitable for the needs of another. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. . . (Or words to that effect)

Truly great ideas are those that are brought out into the light, nurtured, and facilitated as they grow to become something real. However, with only one individual making the call on what equates to a good idea, great opportunities can be missed. In a complete antithesis to the ‘accidental innovation’ (great inventions or discoveries that are happened upon in the pursuit of something else) these potentially brilliant proposals could end up an accidental non innovation! What could have been?  Nurturing these ideas isn’t always easy, but we at think that these tips can help to spark new ideas in individuals and groups, as well as help them to grow.

Be Open and Responsive: If an idea is kept secret it could so easily become a lost opportunity. At we understand innovators’ concerns around IP protection and we are here to help so that you can share your ideas in a productive manner. Always be open to hearing ideas, whether from fellow innovators, clients, contacts or others. You never know who could have the seed for something wonderful. Make sure not to simply listen and forget. Respond to ideas and give your opinion and feedback. Challenge yourself to bounce ideas back and forth with trusted people.

Be Inspirational and Engaging: Allow people to engage with you and likewise you with them. When we feel engaged we are more likely to hold on to flashes of inspiration, grow them to a useful idea and seek out ways that they can help and contribute. Look for places, people and things that inspire you.

Workshop Your Ideas: Some ideas will never grow themselves but can give rise to an even greater idea. Don’t be afraid to let your ideas be battered about and bruised. Despite the fact that this can have a similar effect on your ego!  Be open to what could be with the correct input. Seek out people who will challenge you, point out flaws, and cut down things that simply won’t work. This feedback is invaluable, allowing you to discard bad ideas, adapt others, and all in all focus on those that show real promise. Working collaboratively with others can lead to something much greater than either of you would have been able to develop on your own, giving new perspectives and ideas.’s InnovatorCircle provides a social platform to share ideas, collaborate and ultimately assist you bringing your innovation to market through our commercialization steps.

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