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Summary: A Perfect Protein (APP)

A Premium, Ultra-Sustainable & Highly Nutritious Ocean-based  Super-Protein Ingredient  (Protected by U.S. and International Patents) from fish.

Advance International (US based) developed a disruptive closed-loop extraction process (Seavior®) leading to the production of a premium high quality,
sustainable ocean-based Fish protein powder (APP®) along with other by-products, an omega-rich triglyceride oil (A Perfect Omega®) and a purified water (Blue H2O®), also commercialized.


Food and Beverage: 

Dietary supplement in baby food, baking (non-hygroscopic), dressings, snacks; functional foods; functional beverages; therapeutic foods for medical conditions or malnutrition, meat substitute / alternative protein ingredients; athletes’ nutrition; military nutrition.

Animal/Pet Nutrition.

Ingredient for Cosmetics.

Main Characteristics:

Main Competitive advantages:

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John Schulten

CEO & Co-Founder