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Why Choose Us?

Technology Scouts choose us for the following reasons:

1) More Intelligent Browsing

We have aimed for a better browsing experience, both in user friendliness and logic.  Firstly the design of the Boutique homepage has a simple intuitive look and feel that promotes user-friendliness and improves navigation.  Secondly, we file our technologies according to the way our Scouts think…whereas other technology marketplaces make you adapt to their way of filing technologies!

We know that Scouts do their searches using different pathways: some think in terms of their Industry, some are interested in the technology criteria (Innovation), and some are trying to resolve an application problem.  For this reason, all of our technologies are filed by Industry Areas, Innovation Areas as well as Application Areas.

2) Flexible & Open Processes

We have observed how Scouts work, and we believe we understand their expectations for a service provider like us.  Our processes have been designed to be open, flexible and fair.  We have spent time putting ourselves in your shoes. 

For example, what if you are introduced to an Innovator, but you already were in contact with them?  We have a clean solution.  What if you had come across that Innovator in an article that you read in the plane? We have a clean solution for that too.

You can review technologies, request the identities, and speak with the Innovators behind these technologies, all for free.

We understand that Technology Scouts are aware of many, many things that occur in their space, and our processes seek to make your technology searches with us a zero-risk proposition. Just click on the “Technology Scouting Steps” arrows for a short overview of these processes. 

3) No commissions:

If you ultimately create a collaboration with an Innovator that you find through, you will pay us no commissions (for example, on a licensing agreement with the Innovator).  Scouts compensate us with a small one-time “Access Fee” (6,000 euros) only if they wish to create a collaboration with an Innovator.

4) Strict Acceptance Criteria

We aim to have only the highest quality technologies in our Boutique. We are interested in technologies that are generally below-the-radar in nature and that demonstrate uniqueness, a close fit with current market needs, and a track record of success.

5) Private Search Projects

Our Private Search projects are dedicated searches that are conducted by our own technology scouts, for specific client questions.  Our technology scouts are PhD trained scientists with strong industry experience that apply our in-house technology scouting methods and tools.  The result is a tailored search that fits your specific need by knowledgeable technology scouting professionals. 

We use a pure success-based business model on these projects, meaning we are only compensated if we find technologies that are of interest to you.  Just click on “Private Search” in the general navigation to learn more.

6) Personalized Catalogs

Our Personalized Catalogs are a convenient way to stay informed of technology innovation in the areas that interest you - for free!

To subscribe to this service, just click on the “Personalized Catalogs” button anywhere in the Boutique and fill out the simple form on your Interest Areas.

Your Personalized Catalogs will then be created on a regular basis whenever we receive new technologies that match your Interest Areas, and you will be sent an Email Alert saying that your new Catalog is waiting for you in your Member’s Area space.

These Catalogs will be a valuable resource for you, improving your visibility of the landscape, as well as allowing you to seize specific opportunities in the marketplace.

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