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Welcome Technology Scout!

You are perhaps part of a corporate R&D team, a university laboratory, or a venture capital firm. has developed our online Boutique platform specifically with you in mind: a more intelligent browsing approach, more flexible processes and better customer relations.

A brighter, smarter, next-generation technology transfer platform to help you with your technology scouting.

Our Boutique features the hottest technologies from our Global Innovator community on our InnovatorCircle platform.  Our Technology Assessment Group has strict acceptance criteria which means that only the best quality technologies are featured in the Boutique. You can review technologies, request the identities, and speak with the Innovators behind these technologies, all for free.

If you have a specific need and can’t find what you are looking for, post a technology challenge  for our Innovators to respond to, through our ChallengeQuest service. Alternatively we also offer a Private Search service, a dedicated search by our Technology Scouts that is tailored to your specific search needs.

As a reminder, if you do not wish to proceed with a technology after an introduction to an Innovator, please remember to click the “Not Interested” button within 30 days of the introduction to avoid being invoiced….

Have fun! We are always looking for ways to improve, so send us your comments or ideas for improvement. And if you have any questions of any sort,don’t hesitate to contact us.

John Schulten