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Technology (UPN: 51)

Technology Photochromic polymers for human uses
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region European Union
Overview The proposed technology consists of new photohromic polymers developed by using novel photochromic naphthopyrane derivatives. These polymer materials are safe and biocompatible.

These new polymers can rapidly and reversibly change their color upon exposure to UV light.

The main features of the proposed technology are:

  • Good color intensity,rapid coloring/decoloring rate and a high fatigue strength;
  • Reversible color change;
  • No migration of the photochromic molecules which are chemically grafted to the polymer matrix;
  • Safe for direct contact with human body (cosmetic, dermatology and ophthalmic uses)

Market opportunities: Cosmetic (e.g. make-up and skin care products). Opthalmology (e.g. intra-ocular implants) and dermatology, water-based inks and paints.

Possible Applications:

Smart decorative cosmetics, Smart skin care products, Smart inks, Smart paints, Smart, chameleon textiles, Photochromic intra-ocular implants.

Competitive Advantage

These new photochromic polymers are prepared in a more simple way compared to laborious traditional synthesis methods, allowing a lower production cost. Additionally, the new photochromic molecules are polymerizable or co-polymerizable with the monomers used to synthesize the polymer matrix. The obtained novel photochromic materials are safe for human contacts.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Intellectual Property:

Patented technology (WO, FR, AU, US, JP, CA countries covered).

Innovator A company at the forefront of polymer research and development. The Innovator’s goal is to apply its expertise and skills in the research, development and production of innovative polymers.