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Technology (UPN: 49)

Technology Superhydrophobic & transparent nanocomposite based solution
Organisation Type Company (University Spin-Off)
Organisation Region North America
Overview A spray coatable solution (alcohol based) that can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including glass and plastics with water contact angle above 150 degree and without any loss of transparency. The coating is highly stable up to 400°C in air and over extended UV exposure (over 1 million mJ/cm2 at 365 nm).

A spray coating of functional silica nanoparticles and their nanocomposites that can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including silicon, glass, epoxy, polycarbonate, and fabrics.

Main features:

  • Simple, versatile and inexpensive coating solution
  • Transparency, stability and superhydrophobicity (self-cleaning effect )
  • It requires spray coating or dip coating, followed by thermal annealing
  • The coating is highly stable up to 400°C in air and over extended UV exposure (over 1 million mJ/cm2 at 365 nm)
  • Robust against prolonged water spray and sun light exposure. Removable and re-applicable by the user as needed.
  • The coating is cost-effective: less then $1 (materials cost only, not including aerosol bottle) to spray coat 400 square inch area. The cost could be further reduced when scaling up.

The Innovator has developed a one‐pot prototype liquid solution that can be applied by spray coating. Further optimization of the product, scale-up of manufacturing, and broadening of the technology will be carried out for follow-on products.

Opportunities: For applications that requires high transparency and anti-fouling: initially developed for sporting and industrial protective eyewear applications. The company has started to investigate coating formulations for bottles, window and solar panel treatment, as well as roll-to-roll process of film-based coatings for personal electronic devices.

Possible Applications:

Coatings to optical equipment, Coatings for energy efficiency, Surface treatment, Coatings for plastic packaging, Anti-fouling coating for automotive, Anti-fingerprint coating, Film based coatings, Coatings for glass bottles, Anti-fouling coating for buildings.

Competitive Advantage

Very simple and low cost, applicable to a large area; spray coatable; user friendly. The coating is superhydrophobic, enabling surface anti-fouling and self-cleaning, and optically transparent. It can be customized for a wide range of substrates (silicon, glass, metal and plastics) and different applications.

Development Stage:

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Research or Experimental

Intellectual Property:

Some patents exist.

Innovator A university spin-off company. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation (joint further research and development, testing of new applications) and licensing opportunities.