Technology (UPN: 163)

Technology High Performance, Fuel-Saving, Marine Propulsion Advancement
Organisation Type Research Organization (Public or Private)
Organisation Region North America
Overview The Innovator has developed three breakthroughs in fluid dynamics that combine to form a remarkable model for marine propulsion, high volume pumping and focusable laminar discharge fans.

Marine propulsion embodiment will allow for incredible fuel savings plus other market specific virtues such as lower cost of ship construction, more highly maneuverable than competition, silent operation, lower maintenance costs plus others. Easy to retrofit. The Innovator has identified an accessable  $10BB/yr market in commercial new ships alone. Military, retrofit, sporting, yacht are gravy. Anticipate saving 40-60% for same bollard pull.

Possible Applications:

Marine Propulsion, Aeronautical Propulsion, High volume (canal) pumps, Circuit board fan, Electronics cooling fan

Competitive Advantage

Much more efficient, more maneuverable, silent, dramatic fuel savings, and easy to install.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Intellectual Property:

Patent Pending (PCT)

Innovator An Incubator company that manages and develops intellectual property.