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Private Search

Private Search is a customized technology scouting service, based on our internal scouting team’s expertise, detection ability and analysis – to bring you the needle in a haystack.  Our Private Search projects operate with extreme discretion and a small footprint in the market. Our Private Search projects are conducted by our internal Technology Assessment Group in close coordination with the client (Scout).  Trial Projects : An initial 3-week “test” of our service may be conducted, free-of-charge. 

General Description

  • Projects are generally 3 Progress Reports at a 1-month interval with a teleconference after each Progress Report.
  • New technologies and additional information are provided in each Report.  
  • Derivative Applications: we place a high priority on identifying new applications for technologies in new industries, which often creates high-value technology transfers for our clients
  • Success-based business model  

Advantages for you

  • This service can be trialed easily on a question of the Scout’s choosing 
  • Extreme discretion of our team and small footprint in the market
  • Success-based business model means low financial risk for the Scout.
  • Our internal technology scouting team, the Technology Assessment Group, brings scouting and scientific expertise as well as scouting tools and methodologies.

For further information on our private search service please contact John Schulten at 

*Technologies for which a Private Search client has purchased Access shall not be posted in our Boutique for 12 months from the start of that Private Search project.