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About Us is one of the world’s leading technology scouting organizations. Technology Scouts from multinational corporations, universities, research institutes and venture capital firms from around the world visit our online Boutique and use our dedicated Private Search service to find attractive technologies for their new products, services and investments. Innovators from across the technology spectrum visit our InnovatorCircleto Connect to other interesting people, Access information resources, and Commercialize their technologies (through our online Boutique). The InnovatorCircle’s diverse and vibrant user community provides us a very effective way to keep our finger on the pulse of technology innovation in a wide range of industries, and therefore allow us to create opportunities for Scouts and Innovators alike.

Our Management Team:

John Schulten

Chief Executive Officer



As CEO, John’s roles include the general and financial management of the company, overseeing client relationships, and developing the company’s growth strategy. John has experience assisting major corporations worldwide with technology strategy and implementation, licensing and collaboration agreements, operational efficiency and change management.

He has previously held positions at Accenture, Nortel Networks and Cap Gemini/Bossard. John holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, an MBA from The Stern School of Business of New York University and has studied at HEC.

Muriel Thouvenin, PhD

Vice President

Technology Assessment Group



As Vice President, Muriel is responsible for the company’s Technology Assessment Group, the general and financial management of the company, and overseeing client relationships.

Muriel has extensive experience in technology intelligence projects and technology assessment in an array of fields (Personal Care, Green Chemistry and Packaging, among others), in Open Innovation Improvement programs and New in Product Development for major R&D groups.

Her previous work experience includes an international position in technology transfers and Open Innovation, and a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Biomaterials for drug delivery systems at the University of Tokyo. Muriel holds a PhD with Honors in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Paris Val de Marne.

Karen Hazlehurst

Marketing Director


As Marketing Director, Karen’s roles include delivering the marketing communications strategy for and managing the internal and external marketing teams. Karen’s creativity, keen attention to detail and impeccable standards make her an extremely effective marketer and perfectly placed to realize the growth strategy of She has worked with the team since 2009. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Leeds Metropolitan University. Karen has over 10 years experience in developing brands and executing sales and marketing communication strategies for major corporations and SMEs on and offline.

Andrew Hazlehurst

Chief Operating Officer, InnovatorCircle


As Chief Operating Officer of’s InnovatorCircle, Andrew is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of our service to Innovators. The growth and social engagement of our membership is key to the success of the business. Andrew combines an entrepreneurial creativity with commercial astuteness which allows him to develop products and services for our innovators which perfectly match their requirements. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree from Liverpool John Moore’s University. He joined with a background in Sales and Marketing, project management and consultancy across a broad spectrum: Construction, Chemicals, Specialist contracting, Importers, SMEs, Specialist Consultancy, Manufacturers and Start-ups.

Praveen Kumar Gorakavi

Innovation Director, India & Southeast Asia


As Innovation Director, Praveen provides scientific and technological advice to our clients, helping them optimize product and service innovation in their industries. In addition, Praveen helps foster and promote technology innovation among innovators in India and South East Asia, a key initiative for and for Praveen personally. Praveen is based in India working on these two themes. A former child prodigy, with roughly a 100 awards to his name including prestigious Indian Presidential award, Praveen has been a prolific inventor since the age of 13, when he created an artificial limb. Though he is a graduate in Chemical Engineering, his inventions cross a multitude of disciplines, from ammunition technology to nano-fertilization.

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