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Technology Scouting Steps

Snapshot of our Process

The steps below are managed in your Member’s Area

  • You may browse our Boutique and save as many technologies as you like to your members area without any obligations at all to
  • If you would like the identity of an Innovator, please click the “Request Identity” button after agreeing to our Scout Terms, which state that any Introduction to that Innovator for the 12 months following Disclosure of Identity must go through us.   All Innovator identities are provided free-of-charge.
  • However, if following Disclosure of Identity you realize that you were previously aware of that Innovator, you may click on Exit Options “Prior Contact” or “Prior Knowledge” to exit our Scout Terms for that Innovator.
  • If you would like an Introduction, please click the “Request Introduction” button. From the date of Introduction, you will have a free Discussion Period (30 working days) for initial collaboration discussions with that Innovator. 
  • If you are not interested in pursuing these discussions, you must click the “Not Interested” button before the end of this Discussion Period to avoid being invoiced our Access Fee (6,000 euros). If you would prefer a commission-based compensation instead of this upfront Access Fee, please contact John Schulten, CEO at before requesting the Identity. 
  • The Access Fee provides you unlimited collaboration discussion rights with that Innovator.  If you click “Not Interested”, however, you must cease these collaboration discussions for 12 months from that point in time.
  • Scouts pay us no commissions on collaborations with Innovators

Please see our Scout Terms for full details

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  • Browse and select Innovation Reports by Industry Area, Innovation Area or Application Area – or use the Search Box.
  • Subscribe to our Personalized Catalog service and receive regular catalogs presenting technologies in your area of interest.

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  • Our Innovation Reports and Personalized Catalogs can be easily downloaded and shared, to facilitate review and group discussions.
  • To obtain an Innovator’s identity for a technology that interests you, you must agree to our simple Scout Terms (identities are free-of-cost).
  • If you Request Identity, we will contact the Innovator to obtain permission.  To do so, we will provide your company name, and perhaps your first name, title and country location (never your last name at this stage).  If the Innovator accepts, we will send you a Disclosure Report.

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  • If you would like an Introduction to the Innovator, it should be organized by us.
  • However, if you were previously aware of the Innovator, you are free to contact them on your own (use Exit Options: “Prior Contact” or “Prior Knowledge” in the Members Area).
  • For Introductions organized by us, you will have a Discussion Period (30 working days) to communicate with the Innovator about the technology (we organize “Connection Calls” free-of-charge to facilitate the Introduction).

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  • If you wish to proceed with discussions beyond the Discussion Period, you are required to pay us a 6,000€ “Access Fee” to do so. If you would prefer a commission-based compensation instead of this upfront Access Fee, please contact John Schulten, CEO at before requesting the Identity.
  • If you are not interested in continuing discussions beyond the Discussion Period, simply click on Exit Option “Not Interested” (in Members Area), or send us an email at, before the end of this Discussion Period – and you will not be invoiced the Access Fee.
  • If you select “Not Interested”, then you may not communicate with that Innovator about a possible collaboration involving technologies selected or discussed for a period of 12 months from the time you selected “Not Interested”, unless you first agree to pay the Access Fee amount.